Breeding Norwegian Forest in Scotland

About Norwegian Forest Cats

Known as the Norsk Skaukatt in its native Norway, the Norwegian Forest Cat is uniquely Scandinavian whose origins are shrouded in mystery.

It is probably one of Europe's oldest breeds, and is referred to in Norse Myths and Legends, and in mid-nineteenth century fairy stories. In 1912 the Norwegian author, Gabriel Scott, wrote the children's book Solvaks, the main character being a Forest cat with this name.
Having evolved naturally in the harsh climate of Scandinavia, the Norwegian Forest Cat has a heavy, weather-resistant coat, the glossy top coat keeping out rain and snow and the woolly undercoat insulating against the cold. Its long, strong legs, paws and claws make it an excellent climber in trees and on rocks, and the long tufts of hair between the toes protect the pads and help in preventing the paws from sinking deep into the snow.It is highly intelligent, nimble and a wonderful hunter. No other cat could have survived unaided in the wilds of the least populated area in Europe.

Starting with some hardy farm cats, a group of breeders set out in the 1930s to save the Norwegian Forest Cat from extinction, and in 1976 the breed was officially recognised by FIFE. To breed these Norwegians is a big responsibility because as soon as the cat is out of its natural environment, the factors which made it what it is are removed, and it is the breeder who guides in which direction the breed should go.
The aim of breeding should be to preserve the original characteristics evolved through natural selection over thousands of years.
The Forest Cat enjoys human company, is very affectionate, and although it loves freedom, it can be happy in a small flat as long as it has a place to climb and plenty of love and attention from its owner. One can truly say that Nature, with such simple things as snow, rain and cold, has produced the most beautiful cat. At one time only known in Sweden outside of Norway, the Norwegian Forest Cat is now one of the world's most loved pedigree breeds.

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