Breeding Norwegian Forest in Somerset, UK


EC Lennart Biggyson av Trulla

NFO 4 n 09 23 - Born 22 August 2003 Lennart (now Euro Champion) joined the Old Possum's Family in March 2004, thank you Axel and Marion Platz for this beautiful boy. He  settled in very well with the admiring girls, and at 9 months weighed over 5 kilos. He has a lovely temperament - "bomb proof" in fact! Lennart had his first litter in August and his second in October 2004. In October 2005 he was father to Tara's 3 boys and a girl Gigha who is now with Mai Mortensen in Denmark. Undeterred by the long car journey and overnight Channel Ferry crossing to England he managed to get Tara pregnant in their travel box. Four lovely kittens arrived on 22nd March 2007! See "Kittens"-An electric "Pet Fence" was erected to give Lenny a large enclosure in the orchard, however he soon worked out that if he landed one paw on the top of a supporting stake he could vault over no problem. He then got an  American "Houdini proof" 6ft fence with overhang! But it didn't take him long to find that hanging upside down on the overhang was no problem!  Now Lennart has a new stud house and small garden with a netted roof.  He has either a girl friend or a neuter for company and when time allows takes a walk round the fields on a lead which he much enjoys.


Elvdal's Versace

Versace is a cream-silver harlequin with amber eyes. Sylvia Mertin very kindly allowed me to buy this young male to replace poor Lennart who has diabetes and is now neutered. Versace had his first girl this week- Old Possum's Morar - and will report if she is pregnant.  Will add Versace's pedigree soon.


SC Uilleam des Fines Terres

Old Possum drove to Paris to collect this lovely boy almost 1 year old now. He won BIS Category 11 Male at the show on the Saturday and we left Sunday morning for the drive back to Somerset. Uilleam has already fathered a litter of kittens in Switzerland for Catherine and Old Possum is looking forward to some lovely kittens from him in the next few years.

Uilleam is now Supreme Champion!        


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