Breeding Norwegian Forest in Scotland


Old Possum's Maddy

Black-silver-tortie mackerel tabby & white female born 25 May 2007

Maddy is a daughter of Ch. Maelstrom Idril Celebrindal(Iddy) and EC Dk*Sakeena's Romeo. She was born in Austria and had to remain there for six months after a successful rabies antibody titre test. She then joined the Old Possum's cat family in England. In September 2008 Maddy had her first lovely litter of five kittens - father EC Lennart Biggyson av Trulla. .Peeping Tom and Peter Piper among them. Maddy has had several more litters and is now spayed


SC Lennart Biggyson av Trulla

Lennie was born on 22nd August 2003 and joined Old Possum's family in March 2004. Thank you to Dr Axel Platz for this beautiful boy with a wonderful bomb proof temperament.
 Lennie has had many lovely kittens over the years but very sadly 4 years ago developed diabetes and was neutered. He takes his twice daily insulin injection with no complaint.
Lennie still enjoys life as a kitchen cat with access to the garden and woodland altho recently at a slower pace. When weather is not good he spends most of the day asleep in front of the Aga. Several Old Possum's cats and many cats elsewhere  are descended from Lennie and Old Possum will always be grateful to him for being such a lovely friend.


Ch.Old Possum's Kelty

Kelty, black  spotted, tabby  born 21st March, 2007 was one of my first litters in England. She is a daughter of EC Lennart Biggyson av Trulla and IC Old Possum's Tara, and Great-Great-Great-Granddaughter of Old Possum's first Norwegian Forest  Cat Maygry avTakeskog

Kelty is enjoying her retirement in Scotland as Kitchen Cat with access to the great outdoors.



Ch.GB*Nandinakatts Gypsy

Gypsy, born 6.05.2010, is a daughter of GB*Nandinakatts Shakira  one of the kittens resulting from her holiday with EC Lennart Biggyson av Trulla. Many thanks to Clara de Dios for allowing Gypsy to join Old Possum's.
Gypsy's last litter were the U3s in 2017 and she is now neutered being 8 years old this year.
Inspite of being an enclosed entire female all her life she has taken to the outside world extremely well and brings in her share of mice.


IC Old Possum's Scarista

Scarista is a old black tortie tabbie with white paws, chest and muzzle..
Scary has had three litters which included GIP Peeping Tom and GIP Peter Piper.  She was spayed early  as she is a GSD4 carrier inherited from her grandfather Sakeena's Romeo and her mother Maddy.  All her kittens have had to be tested.  Morar, a red blotched tabby kitten, is 
GSD4 N/N and has stayed at home. 


Champion Leuke Gatta *PL

Ch. Leuke (known as "Lucky"), black mackerel tabby with white,  joined Old Possum's from Poland - thank you Ewa Kosycarz. Lucky is a daughter of E.C. Old Possum's Zulus and granddaughter of E.C. Old Possum's Victoria.

Lucky is also enjoying her retirement in Scotland as a `Kitchen Cat' with access to the great outdoors where she is decimating the mouse population.


Grand International Premier Old Possum's Peeping Tom

PEEPING TOM was twice reserved as a pet when a kitten and could not be sold as a stud boy because he holds his tail on occasion curled over his back. He was such a loving good natured boy that it was decided he should stay at home as a neuter and not suffer any more rejects! 
Peeping Tom is now referred to as Ginger and is loving the kitchen in Scotland with an Aga hot spot.


Grand International Premier Old Possum's Peter Piper

Another rejected kitten!  Peter would have made a good stud cat with wonderful temperament but sadly he had to be neutered at 6 months because he could no longer stay in the house with the girls! In his only show as a  kitten he was BIV and in three shows as an adult he has twice been BIV and twice nominated and got his title Premier. Piper is now Grand International Premier with more nominations but beaten by Peeping Tom for BIS!
Piper is also enjoying the kitchen in Scotland with free access to the Scottish countryside and a good mile from the road.


Ch Old Possum's Zinnia

Zinnia is a very friendly, lively and attractive young lady.  She is a daughter of Old Possum's Maddy and EC Lennart Biggyson av Trulla. Zinnia is a black tortie bicolour  with silver.   In her 3 shows so far as kitten or Junior, she has been beaten to Ex2 by her sister Zephyr now owned by John Tipper. Zephyr, blue silver tabby with white has overtaken Zinnia in size!  Hopefully Zinnia may grow, but she is a fussy eater which sister Zephyr is not!
Sadly Zinnia had only one litter of 7 lovely kittens after many attempts by both Uilleam and Versace and now aged 7 has been spayed.


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